PRESS RELEASE – UNS Mechanical Engineering Students Participate in MBKM Program at PT INKA as a Form of Community Service

Surakarta, December 13, 2023 – Students from the Mechanical Engineering Program at Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta actively participated in the Independent Campus Learning, Independent Campus (MBKM) program at PT Industri Kereta Api (INKA) from August 14, 2023, to December 8, 2023. On this occasion, the students focused on the Quality Control Division to develop their technical skills and contribute to the industrial world.

The MBKM program, conducted in the Quality Control Division of PT INKA, provided valuable opportunities for UNS Mechanical Engineering students to gain direct experience in community service. With full support from PT INKA, students not only gained practical insights into quality control but also had the opportunity to engage in activities that have a positive impact on society.

The mentor guiding these students is Diki Hadi Pratama, an expert in welding and welding quality control with extensive experience. The presence of a mentor like Diki Hadi provides valuable guidance and helps students optimize their potential during the MBKM program. This aligns with UNS’s goal of providing holistic education and practical experience to its students.

As part of their community service, UNS Mechanical Engineering students were not only involved in welding quality checks through visual tests, magnetic particle tests, ultrasonic tests, and penetrant tests but also assisted in preparing Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) training and welding inspection. The goal of these activities is to improve the quality of the workforce at PT INKA and simultaneously make a positive contribution to the progress of the national manufacturing industry.

With the participation of these students, UNS and PT INKA continue to strengthen their collaboration in developing competent and high-quality human resources to support the growth of the railway industry in Indonesia.

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