Support System Kit for Wheel Chair – A New Innovation by Mechanical Engineering UNS

Support System Kit for Wheel Chair – A New Innovation by Mechanical Engineering UNS

Wheelchairs are a familiar thing to hear in the ears of the public. In their work, the presence of wheelchairs in this world is very helpful for humans in carrying out their activities, especially for those who experience injuries to their limbs. Over time, wheelchairs have evolved – developments so that we find many wheelchair models in this world that are very diverse. In fact, there have been many wheelchair innovations that have been created, such as wheelchair innovations specifically for athletes, wheelchair innovation specifically for defecation, to electric wheelchair innovation.

Reviewing the innovation of the electric wheelchair itself, we can find it everyday in real life, around very diverse innovations, both electric wheelchair innovation using control, motion and sound sensors to using the Android application system. However, the various uniqueness that electric wheelchairs sell itself is certainly worth the price and costs that we have to spend to have it. Viewed from the economic point of view of the community, this is actually a disadvantage of these electric wheelchairs on the market, because people will definitely prefer to buy manual wheelchairs over electric wheelchairs, assuming cheaper and affordable prices.

Based on several facts found in the field, the Mechanical Engineering team of UNS chaired by Ubaidillah consists of: Didik Djoko Susilo, Aditya Rio Prabowo, Dharu Febi Smaradhana, Fitrian Imaduddin, Budi Santoso, Aldo Dwiki Kurniawan, Raka Niko Prasetyo, and Rizki Ardianto. brain to create a new innovation electric wheel chair that is different from the others. Starting from a similar problem, the UNS team collaborated with Senny Marbun as the leader of the Indonesian National Paralympic Committee (NPCI), which is to create an electric wheelchair specifically for the boccia sport paralympic athletes, especially the BC3 class so that it can support and support the potential of athletes to increase. without a hitch.

This innovation of the Electric Wheel Chair made by the Mechanical Engineering team of UNS is designed as simple as possible but does not forget the user comfort factor. By adding a support system kit that is installed in certain parts so that the installation itself does not require a long time. This innovation of the Electric Wheel Chair has several inherent features, including, for example, a set of gas and brake handles as a control for tire rotational speed in an electric wheelchair, a set of additional drive frames that are used to move back and forth or turn in a wheelchair, then there is a set of battery power as a source of driving energy, a set of push button controls as a control for turning right or left. Some of these features are continuous and work together to move the wheelchair. Uniquely, the support system kit that is attached to the electric wheel chair can be removed so that in certain circumstances, the electric wheelchair can be changed back to a manual wheelchair. What makes it even more unique, this support system kit also has the advantage of being able to be used or installed on other wheelchairs of the same width.

This innovation of the Electric Wheel Chair made by the Mechanical Engineering Team of UNS has a speed level that can be categorized as low to moderate, so it is safe for use on athletes and for daily use. In the future, this electric wheel chair will be given to paralimpic athletes in the boccia sport, especially the BC3 class to support the potential of the athletes to make them more brilliant.

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