Ubaidillah, Ph.D

Research interests in Functional Materials, Mechanical Design, Vehicle Dynamics, Acoustic Material, Noise and Vibration Suppression

Email : ubaidillah_ft@staff.uns.ac.id

Academic Position:
Assistant Professor

Administrative Position:
Secretary of Quality Assurance, Faculty of Engineering, UNS

Ubaidillah research focuses on magnetorheology since 2007. Many works have been conducted from materials development to the device application based on meganetorheology. Currently, some industry prototypes such as semi-active suspension are developed with Kabaya Indonesia. Furthermore, Ubaidillah also has been conducting research on acoustic materials since 2015. Some articles have been publishes in the area of acoustic materials.

P.hD, Mechanical Precision Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.
MSc in Automotive Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Melaka.
ST (BSc) in Mechanical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember


1. “The effect of particle shapes on the field-dependent rheological properties of magnetorheological greases. Mohamad, N., Ubaidillah, Mazlan, S.A., Choi, S.-B., Aziz, S.A.A., Sugimoto, M. International Journal of Molecular Science. 2019”
2. “Swelling, thermal, and shear properties of a waste tire rubber based magnetorheological elastomer. Ubaidillah, Purnomo, E.D., Ismail, H., Choi, S.-B., Aziz, A.A., Mazlan, S.A. Frontiers in Materials. 2019”
3. “The field-dependent viscoelastic and transient responses of plate-like carbonyl iron particle based magnetorheological greases. Mohamad, N., Mazlan, S.A., Ubaidillah, Choi, S.-B., Imaduddin, F.d, Abdul Aziz, S.A. Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures. 2019”
4.  “A new platform for the prediction of field-dependent yield stress and plastic viscosity of magnetorheological fluids using particle swarm optimization. Bahiuddin, I., Mazlan, S.A., Shapiai, M.I., Imaduddin, F., Ubaidillah, Choi, S.-B. Applied Soft Computing. 2019”
5. “The field-dependent rheological properties of plate-like carbonyl iron particle-based magnetorheological elastomers. Hapipi, N., Aziz, S.A.A., Mazlan, S.A., Ubaidillah, Choi, S.B., Mohamad, N., Khairi, M.H.A., Fatah, A.Y.A. Result in Physics. 2019”

Grants and Patents: 

1. Hibah Kolaborasi Internasional 2017; 2018; 2019; Hibah Mandatory 2017; 2018; 2019; 

2. Hibah Pengembangan Publikasi dan Kapasitas Grup Riset 2018; Hibah Penguatan Laboratorium 2019


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