Surakarta, July 2, 2021 Study Program S1 – Mechanical Engineering (UNS) held a routine activity from the Academic Division of KMTM UNS 2020, namely Guest Lecture conducted online through zoom. For now the theme presented at this Guest Lecture is “The Competence Needed to Face The Demans Of Work”. There was this Guest Lecture attended by students from the department of S1-Mechanical Engineering Sebelas Maret University from all generations, Chairman of the Association of Mechanical Engineering Students Family (KMTM) UNS it self namely Mas Farrel Zahid Ibrahim, and also attended by Kaprodi S1-Mechanical Engineering (UNS), namely Dr. Eko Surojo S.T., M.T. Speakers at this guest lecture are: Mr. Detalana Nugroho, S.T as Production Department Head at PT. Astra Daihatsu Motor. Mr. Detalana Nugroho is a graduate of Sebelas Maret University majoring in S1-Mechanical Engineering, he graduated in 2008. His career at PT. Astra Daihatsu Motor started from 2008 until now as Staff Engineering (2008-2014), then Section Head Eng (2015-2017), Project Leader (2018-2020), Production Section Head (2020-2021), and he is now production department head.

            Pt. ADM Casting Plant is a manufacturing company that manufactures engine components used in Toyota and Daihatsu cars. In this guest lecture we are taught how and how to assemble Toyota and Daihatsu cars starting from stamping, welding, painting, car assy, or also through the process of casting, machining, engine assy,and carassy. Competencies that we must prepare to limit the fire demands of work consists of several, such as: Knowledge (overt behaviour) , Skill (Basic literacy skill, technical skill, interpersonal skill, and problem solving) , and Attitude (happiness, discipline, spirit, hornest, and positive thingking). Then for the competence that must be owned by the employees of PT. Astra Daihatsu Motor is : 1). Technical competition consists of (Mechanical, Electrical, Mechatronics, Fundamental Physical, QCC, and 5S &safety); 2). Leadership competition consists of (Teamwork, Analysis Judgment, Interpersonal skill, Leading and motivatition, Planning and Driving action, and Drive and Courage);3). Function competition consists of (Oil andgas, Minning, Manufacture, Automotive, Casting, Structure, Agriculture, Power Plant, Services).

            As for the message he conveyed to us that as a young generation we must have as much experience as possible. We don’t have to touch on the theory alone but we also have to learn to solve problems in the field. In addition, he taught us in the future we can solve a complex problem using a simple formula or theory. By finding the basics then we often to do research in the field. If it is then we can develop our thinking for the wider again.

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