Surakarta, June 24, 2021 – The Undergraduate-Mechanical Engineering Study Program at Universitas Sebelas Maaret (UNS) held a specialization socialization which was carried out online through the Zoom application. The socialization of this specialization was attended by many students of S1-Mechanical Engineering UNS from the 2019-2020 class. Singgih Dwi Praseto as a speaker in the field of energy conversion, Ardhan Prasetyo as a speaker in the field of design, Rikza Alfanahel G as a speaker in the field of manufacturing, and Bambang Aryo Seto as a speaker in the field of materials.

            Socialization of specialization this time is done online via Zoom. This is due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has made face-to-face meetings are prohibited to reduce the spread of covid 19, the event will be held virtually. In this specialization socialization, the speakers explained the material and shared about the specializations taken by each speaker.

            In this socialization, the speakers told things related to the specialization that the speaker had taken. In energy conversion, it is explained that energy is the ability to do work. Energy is divided into two, namely renewable energy and non-renewable energy. After the energy conversion there is an explanation of the design interest, in the design there are three cores. The first is design, the second is the analysis, and the third is the manufacturing. In the design, analysis is needed so that it is not the origin of the design in this design the three cores are interrelated. In addition to design and energy conversion, the socialization of the specialization this time was also about manufacturing interest, material was conveyed that there was rarely anyone who took manufacturing interest purely for manufacturing but mostly only for support. The last material is about material interest, in material interest it is conveyed that material interest generally aims to find out the characteristics of a material or material. Materials specialization usually uses a materials laboratory.

            The theme used in the final project can be from your own initiative, or from the lecturer. The speakers suggested that the final project come from your own initiative, so you would know letter where the final project were going, but many took it from the lecturers because it was easier to work on, especially if they participated in projects held by lecturers. The specializations that will be taken can be thought about now after the socialization of this specialization, because they already know the difficulties and joys of the specialization to be taken and the participants also already know what kind of picture they will take in each specialization in the future so that it is not vague anymore.

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