Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Training by the Jatiragi PHP2D Team of UNS

Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Training by the Jatiragi PHP2D Team of UNS

Photo with UNS Jatiragi Team, Mr. Giyatno, Kedarsi Farmer Group and Mushroom Cultivation Business Partners – Personal Document


Towards a Prosperous Society, Through Mushroom Cultivation– The slogan which is the final goal of the Jatiragi PHP2D Team for the Mechanical Engineering Student Family (KMTM), Sebelas Maret University (UNS). As an optimization and a follow-up to the 2020 Holistic Village Development and Empowerment Program (PHP2D), the UNS Jatiragi Team held a straw-based oyster mushroom cultivation training. This training was held on Saturday, October 3, 2020, to be precise at Dusun Kenteng RT 01/02, Bakalan Jumapolo Village, Karanganyar. This training was attended by Kedarsi Farmers Group (Potential Awareness Farmers Group) and Bakalan Village Mushroom Entrepreneurs Partners.


Mushroom cultivation training was carried out as a first step in providing supplies for the Kedarsi farmer group to carry out oyster mushroom cultivation, especially using straw waste planting media. Besides that, it can also increase knowledge, share experiences and spark enthusiasm in increasing the productivity of the business that has been carried out to mushroom entrepreneurs in Bakalan Village.


The person who was invited in the cultivation training was very suitable with the topic of the material to be implanted in the training participants, he was Mr. Giyatno S.P, MM As a person who has been in mushroom cultivation since 2001, of course he has a lot of experience and knowledge to be gained. In addition, he is the owner of the Assorted Mushroom Agriculture and Rural Training Center (P4S) located in Gondangmanis Village, Karangpandan, Karanganyar. Mr Giyatno hope that he can answer all forms of doubts by the cultivators who will deals with the cultivation of straw media mushrooms.


The activity starts at 09.00 WIB. The training was opened with remarks from Tri Rahmaji (Head of the Jatiragi Team) and representatives of the Bakalan Village government, Mr. Suharto (Head of Kenteng Hamlet). The training divided into two sessions, the first is a material session and questions and answers about mushroom cultivation, then the second session is a training session or cultivation practice.


Mr. Giyatno’s presentation of the material started at 09.30 WIB. More or less the material presented by him includes types of mushrooms, mushroom cultivation patterns to the excellence of mushroom cultivation, especially oyster mushrooms.


“Hopefully, the Kedarsi Farmer Group will have success and can develop in its mushroom cultivation. As well as being a pioneer for villagers of Kenteng to participate in establishing cultivation businesses. If this village has a lot of mushroom cultivation, it is no longer possible to become an object of mushroom agro-tourism,”said Mr. Giyatno.

Mr. Giyatno’s presentation of material and questions and answers about mushroom cultivation – Personal Documents

Then continued with the second session, namely training or cultivation practice. This session is divided into 4 trainings, namely Training 1, Training 2, Training 3 and ending with training 4.


Training 1 practiced the stages of making mushroom planting media or baglogs with straw. The process of mixing the straw which has been moistened with enough water is then given dolomite, gypsum and rice bran. The training process at this stage ends until the materials are evenly mixed and covered with a tarp so that the media decomposes properly.